The Picnic/路邊野餐 depicts a spirit and a holistic practice to integrate art into experience. To think out of the norm, out of the comfort zone and adapt to new perspectives, is the ethos for when we practice our craft. 

Our work flow starts from the conceptualization and re-imagination of spaces (if the physical space is applicable), followed by the explorations of mediums that complement the idea, and finally the realization of project into a multi-faceted presentation with all the different resources gathered.

Our initiative and involvement begins from the multi-disciplinary project, ‘Mitä Kuuluu’ and leads to the various collaborations on art and spatial matter such as Flower from the Crack and The Niche Tearoom at National Gallery Singapore, Taste Like Tea at Shift Museum, Sapporo, and The Picnic, a by invitation gastronomic experience.